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Manage and analyze your data in TIBCO Statistica – an application that helps leading technology and research organizations take their manufacturing and research to the next level.

Thanks to Statistica, 200+ organisations are already managing their business, production or research better

Why analyze data in TIBCO Statistica?

Intuitive and easy to use

You can quickly find your way around the app's user interface - also thanks to our help. Use advanced automation to reduce the time to edit and evaluate data to a fraction of the time.

17 000+ functions

A huge number of logically arranged modules offer both basic statistical evaluation and the creation of custom algorithms or advanced real-time production monitoring.

A to Z Guide within Statistica

We will help you choose the right version and install it, and teach you how to use Statistica properly (our separate website for courses).

Convenient conditions for universities

As part of the University program, we offer universities an application


Statistica application exists in 5 different versions. Choose from them below to suit your needs or take a look, how the products differ from each other.


The essential package for data analysts and technology and research professionals to quickly analyze data. Desktop is the basic version of Statistica for fast data

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Extension of the basic package for easy transformation of data from different systems (ETL), quality management within SPC methodologies and for the creation of business

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Extensions to previous packages for quick and easy analysis of large (big data) sets and the creation of predictive models using machine learning, AI and

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Data Scientist

A powerful package for processing big data projects using ETL, AI and machine learning tools.The possibility of independent deployment of created processes and models into

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View Full Version Comprehensive version of Statistica can be used primarily to analyze large (big data) datasets, create advanced predictive models and real-time production monitoring.

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Our services


Learn how to process your data correctly and extract important information from it.

Securing a licence

Choose the appropriate license for your selected version of TIBCO Statistica.

Software implementation

Install Statistica by following the instructions or with the help of our experts.

Technical support

Choose the level of technical support that suits you.


Learn how to properly evaluate your data in TIBCO Statistica under the supervision of experienced lecturers from CTU, Academy of Sciences, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and other research institutions. Beginners, advanced and senior data analysts will benefit from our statistics courses.

We also organize training in MS Excel and in the R programming language (RStudio).


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