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Service: Software implementation

Install Statistica by following the instructions or with the help of our experts.

Installing TIBCO Statistica Software

Easy Installation

TIBCO Statistica installation is designed for efficiency and simplicity. You can easily do it yourself or with the support of your IT team. If you do encounter any difficulties, please contact us – we are here to provide you with prompt and expert assistance.

Complex Implementation

TIBCO Statistica implementation projects often go beyond the installation itself and involve integrating the software with other systems and applications:

Data Sources:

  • Integration with databases such as MS SQL, Oracle, Teradata, Hadoop and others
  • Connection to text files, MS Excel and other data formats

Systems and Applications:

  • Integration into information and ERP systems
  • Customization for production/test environments
  • Compatibility with third-party applications

Client-Server Configuration and Automation

Statistica also allows installation and configuration in a client-server environment, including connection to data sources.
We create automated analytical tasks for fully or semi-automated analytical procedures, exactly to your specifications.

Our experienced consultants and engineers are ready to help you customize Statistica software to your specific environment.

Planning Implementation

Contact us and together we will discuss your needs and implementation plan to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

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