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Service: Technical support

Choose the level of technical support that suits you.

Technical support

Technical Support Service is intended solely to resolve installation and operational issues with the software.

If you have a problem with your Statistica license, please email us at support@databon.cz and describe in detail what the problem is.
When communicating, please always include the serial number of the license to which your request relates so that we can identify it.

TIBCO Statistica licenses are provided in almost all cases, including technical support. Support is provided by TIBCO Software Inc. and DataBon via email or phone. There are currently two levels to choose from:

  • TIBCO Maintenance Bronze (most used)
  • TIBCO Maintenance Silver

These levels differ in the range of services provided and price. Both levels include the following services:

  • Access to the latest software versions as they are released
  • 24/7 access to the Tibco Software support portal
  • Online submission of technical support requests
  • Access to the TIBCO Knowledge Base

A detailed description of the service, including the difference between the two levels, is available at this link, on page 3: https://terms.tibco.com/posts/2289668-service-levels-guide


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